This past weekend I took my two little ones to the amusement park five miles from our home as a way to give my husband some much needed study alone time.  Gavin loves fast roller coasters.  He is a complete sensory seeker and the faster the ride the happier he is.  When we arrived Mia skipped along as he careened off towards one of his favorite rides – The Mine Train, mainly because he is fascinated by trains.  As he got off the ride we felt the first pelts of water fall from the sky.  “Uh oh!”  Gavin expressed as we walked down the stairs.  We headed towards the kiddy rides, since Mia had chosen the next ride.  Soon fat drops of water fell on their upturned faces.  I expected the children to express a desire to go home.  Nope.  They ran towards the huge tree house to escape the rain.  They dubbed it their castle and they spent quite a bit of time running from turret to turret, sliding down the various slides, and hanging out.  I hunkered under the eves of one of the slides and watched them in their play.  We weren’t able to ride the rides (as storms often close them down) but they were able to play and get their wiggles out.

Later, as I sat down to look at the few snapshots I caught on the camera I realized how I had captured great glimpses of my children’s personalities on film.  Gavin is challenged with balance and movement (vestibular input) issues.  He finds it difficult to cross bridges or climb play areas where he can see through to the bottom.  He crawls across or holds oImagen for dear life to get to the slide.  However, he is determined to get to the slide.  He faces his fears each time he grips the next pole – knowing that he is one step closer to the desired activity.

Mia barrels across the bridge giggling the entire way.  She runs past her brother and they grin at each other.  She is competitive.  So is he.  She wins, on the bridge.  He wins getting from the bottom of the slide to the beginning of the bridge..  They do it again.  She loves to taunt him, but the second he needs help she is right by his side.  Together their smile lights up the universe and while I am soaking wet and miserable my heart bursts with love.  Their smiles are the silver lining in rain soaked day.Image