Today I finally got out to the farm owned by a member of our church.  They have people come help plant, weed, and then harvest throughout the summer and fall.  I meant to go during the summer, but I never quite did.  Waking Gavin up to go was a bit of a chore.  We have been letting him sleep in until he is ready to wake up.  It makes for much smoother transitions in the morning.  I did so gently, by pulling off the blanket from his face.  He pulled it back up and did his grumble yell.  I backed off for another fifteen minutes then gently put pressure on his back.  I quietly told him what the plans for the day were.  “I’m not leavin'”  He insisted.  I backed off.  I helped Mia get dressed.  During this entire time I spoke gently, repeating the plans for the day.  He heard the word TOMATO and he was up, dressed and out the door within minutes.  I have a tomato fiend ,(Sad part is that he has severe GERD and we have to limit his intake of acidic foods.

When we arrived Mia’s “Farmer Friend” showed us how to dig for sweet potatoes.  He then taught us that you leave them out to dry for about four days, and you leave them at room temperature when you bring them home.  Look at the potatoes Mia helped me dig upHelping mommy

Gavin wandered over to us as we dug, then went back towards the tomato plants.  I kept catching glimpses of bright red in his hand, and when he would come and check us out he had a lovely orange mouth.  It is always hilarious to me how he doesn’t mind there being anything on his mouth but the second something messy gets on his hands he backs away.  It is a totally sensory thing.  I know I love the feel of moist mud on my hands, but when it starts to dry I kind of freak out.  I always thought he got these sensory traits from his father – but I have since learned that sensory processing issues run in my family! At least I got him to touch one of the potatoes, but that was it.

All I could get him to do was touch the potato.  He said the dirt was scary. Look what I got


When I asked him why he didn’t help with the potatoes he told me “Because I was to busy picking tomatoes for me to eat.”  Okay, good enough!!

Enjoying a tomato
After we had dug up an entire row of sweet potatoes the kids were DONE.  Well, Gavin was done almost from the moment we got started.  Mia informed me she wanted to go.  Fair enough.  For our service to the farm the owner led us to another garden and told us to help ourselves.  We came home with red chili peppers, serrano peppers, tomatoes, chives, and some venison bones.  Okay, the bones didn’t come from the garden.  I’ve had them on the stove for about two hours now and the house really smells yummy!  Venison broth should go great with some of my freezer meals!!

Charity Never Faileth Um, those are HOT Cerrejano peppers