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There is a children’s song that I adore, and today it just stuck with me:

Leaves are  falling all around,
On the housetops, on the ground.
Leaves are  falling on my nose,
On my head and hands and toes.

* Alternate phrases:
Sun is shining Wall of leaves
Wind is blowing
Rain is falling
Snow is falling

Words and music: Moiselle Renstrom, 1889–1956

As soon as the kids were dressed this morning they wanted to go play in the leaves.  It was a great activity for sensory input for Gavin.  He struggles with many forms of sensory issues – but one that affects him on a daily level is Proprioceptive Input.  Did you know that there are more than the five senses?  There are the five senses – auditory (hear), tactile (touch), visual (see), gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell) that we are all familiar with.  There is also the vestibular sense (aides in telling your body where you are in relation to the ground) and proprioceptive sense (this sense tells you where your body is in relation to other objects).  Imagine that any or all of these senses don’t quite work the way they are supposed to.   If you do a search on “Are there than five senses?” you will get a bevy of information but today I am just focusing on Proprioceptive.

What Is the Proprioceptive Sense?  

It is how our body figures out where we are in regards to space.  When I found out that Gavin Had Sensory Processing Dysfunction one of the sights I found was www.sensory-processing-disorder.com  I adore this site, as it gives me quick information and a place to start in finding how best to help my kiddo.  It answered the following questions for me:

  • Why is he always crashing into things?
  • Why did that pebble make him trip and crack his skull open ?(He has a lovely scar from that one.)
  • Why does he color so dark and break so many pencils and crayons?
  • Why is he so freaking loud – he often uses his outside voice in the middle of Sacrament Meeting at church!!!!
  • Um, where did he get all of that energy?
  • and the list can go on.

To help get the muscles and joints working together and help calm him down I decided to take him outside and gave him a rake.  He helped me make a pile of leaves, and then I had him jump in the pile, throw leaves, and just play.  We were outside for a good hour.  The best part of the entire activity happened thirty minutes later as he held my hand and walked into school without any complaints.  He let me leave with a quick hug and a kiss.  I need to work on making a list of heavy work activities that work for him!

Here are some of my favorite shots of him and his sister.

Throwing leaves at Mia

Mia took to throwing leaves right away.  Gavin had to warm up to the idea.

Gathering the leaves

He gathered the leaves and brought them to me. I thought he would throw them on me, but nope. He just wanted to show them to me.

Arms are full

Trying to bury him in the leaves. He wouldn’t let her cover his head.

Mia with Gavin in the background

She just danced, and danced in the leaves.