I love projects.  I love making goals and lists.  I love the IDEA of organization.  HOWEVER – I tend to make goals that although they are attainable, I make too many of them.  That, or I expect to be able to work on and accomplish them all at the same time.  This past week I made a to do list on the living room dry erase board.  I got to three things and the voice in my head said “Genevieve, three is all you can handle.”  I almost agreed with my voice, then I turned around and saw the pile of clothes needing to get folded on the couch.  I added a fourth item, and then a fifth.  Guess what?  Only two of those items got crossed out.  I became overwhelmed with what I needed to get done.

A year ago I went to a great two week workshop that I talked about in my last post Getting Back On Track.  We were asked to come up with ten behavioral objectives for our kiddos.  I did it, and it was BEAUTIFUL!  More importantly it was overwhelming.  It was great to have those ten objectives, but I felt like I needed to work on all ten of them at the same time.  Um, can you say overstimulated mommy, and WAY overstimulated child????  There has been some improvement in each of these areas but the fact of the matter is I didn’t stick with it.  Today as I think about all the myriad of things I need (okay, my therapist would say Need?  Don’t you mean WANT?)  to accomplish, I am a bit frozen.  Where do I start?  Which is more important?  I guess the best way to do it is take one bite at a time.  Or, one task at a time.  I will begin by looking at the ten objectives that I came up with last year, choose the one that is most relevant to right now, and come up with a game plan.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could incorporate it into the organizing of his bedroom, which is still in process.

CLAP “Let’s Go” Huddle over!