Tonight I went into the boy’s bedroom and started to clean up from the weekend.  Soon I stood in stunned silence.  My husband came in and moved a dresser that I had been asking him to move for months.   He fixed a broken closet door and helped drape blankets around the bed.  When I clean I sweep everything into the center of the room.  It is a technique I learned from my mother.  My jaw dropped again as my son sat down in the center of my pile of toys and started to put them in the toy-box.  He really does want an organized room! I didn’t say a word to my family.  I just started to clean, yet they all helped without being asked.  No nagging, no threats, just Mommy working in the bedroom – followed by hubby and kids cleaning.  Ah, what a piece of heaven!

I became teary eyed as I went through some books piled in a corner and came across a book that I thought had long since disappeared.  When Gavin was born he spent eleven days in the NICU at St. Louis Children’s hospital.  While he was there he was given a build a bear in surgeons scrubs, a dragon (which has indeed disappeared in the last three moves since his birth) a crocheted blue and white blanket that used to cover him head to toe with room to spare – but now looks like a napkin, and “I Love To Cuddle” by Carl Norac.  This wonderful little book talks about  cute little Lola (I think she is a hamster) left alone with a babysitter.  She gets lonely and goes through the house finding soft objects to cuddle with – since Mommy and Daddy aren’t there.  In the end her parents walk into the mess, but can’t stop smiling seeing their little girl in a pile of soft stuff.  I find this book perfect as the first book I EVER read to him.  My kids love this book, and I can’t wait to read it again to them tomorrow night.  Gavin reminds me so much of Lola.  He loves to cuddle, too.  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHeck, right now he is lying underneath a weighted blanket, a thick quilt, two fuzzy throw blankets, and a thin cars blanket I made for him last year.  It brought back memories of when he was two and he dived into a pile of clean laundry.

The memories subsided as Mia handed me an old map to Six Flags.  “We don’t need this, Momma.  Six fwags is cwosed”   Gavin looks at us and says, “When does it open Mommy?”  I smile and respond, “I don’t know, Gavin.”  He then cocks his head and says “Ooohhhhh, I know who knows!  The Shadow Knows!”  Scott busted up laughing, me I just shook my head.