So, I recently posted a comment on The Matt Walsh Blog’s Attention Shopping Cart Ditchers: Look what you’ve done.  When I made my first comment I got a couple of comments that really hurt my feelings.  I’m really sensitive and I totally didn’t think that people would be so rude.  I got called a lazy MOM, and someone said that I was willing to damage someone elses property.  Far from it. I have to say that I got some great advice from some people – such as a wearable car seat (I wonder if Gavin would actually handle this since he has sensory issues), and going over shopping rules before going into the store.  Heck, I can see having him write his rules and carry them.  Maybe these will work – but maybe they won’t.

I finally made this comment that I would repeat on my blog

I have been guilty of leaving my cart instead of taking the time to put it back. Not on a regular basis, but I have HAD my reasons – and I have felt guilty leaving them there HOWEVER My six year old son has Autism (no this is not an excuse) and sometimes when we get to the store he is great. He follows directions. Holds onto the cart and holds onto my hand as we walk back to the car and I am able to let him help me put the cart back -which he enjoys. On the other hand there have been those moments when while we arrived at the store just fine something triggers within his sensory sensitive brain and he goes into a neurological lockdown of sorts. He turns into a consummate six year old escape artist with super powers. When we leave the grocery store I walk to our car parked in a handicapped spot, legally of course, to help minimize the danger of my escape artist of getting hit by a car, since in the middle of meltdown mode he has no concept of inertia, danger, or even that you have to take a deep breath and breathe! and SOMETIMES I have to deal with groceries so I have a cart (for some reason meltdowns happen towards the end of our shopping trip and while we are learning to recognize that moment where we say OKAY lets jet there have been those rare moments when OMGosh it didn’t hit until right as we were leaving and I didn’t get that one thing he told me he wanted ten minutes ago). I have just endured the thousands of stares and disapproving glares of people standing and judging in line and only twice has someone EVER asked if they can help and what saviors they have been. I am just in a hurry to get my kiddo out to the car. I toss groceries in the car praying I haven’t cracked the eggs (since they are one of the only things he likes to eat in his school lunches and therefore a must since we are out) I then get his sister into the car and work on getting him into the car (which is hard when he doesn’t want to get in on top of everything else). I then put the cart in a way that I hope and pray won’t start to roll and run after my son who has indeed gotten out of the car and is either still screaming or now has gone to the other side and is laughing because it is now a game, oh wait I’m supposed to be mad. and then we are back to wailing and running. Oh so much fun. I finally get him in the car and sit and wait him out. By the time he has wound down I am in tears, and trying to hold it together and quite frankly that cart is the last thing on my mind.

If if one of these moments my cart has caused someones car damage I am truly sorry. I have never done it with any malicious intent, and maybe the next time I’m at the store and one of these meltdowns happens I will think about the cars around me a bit more. I have always hoped that my cart didn’t hit another car. I’m sure people will still think I am lazy and selfish, and malicious. I’m just a mom who had a bad moment at the grocery store and didn’t get the cart put away.