This morning my kiddos woke up rather early.  They’ve been doing that alot lately.  Oh, well.  I listened to them argue with one another, trip over their big brother (who is here for the weekend, yay!) and make him grumpy, and attempt to play with one another.  I say attempt because every other second they would do something to bother each other, making one of them cry – then they would switch.

I finally gave Emma my phone to play and spent some one on one time reading a book I found in his back pack (first one in about a month).  He saw the book and he immediately recalled what the book was about.  “City Places” by Ned Jensen, illustrated by A.Spencer is a Leveled book that talks about places in the city and what you do there.  Chase and I talked about some of the places.  He remembered skyscrapers and stores – which is two things that he wrote about on his graphic organizer at school:

The stadium, the store, the park, the skyscrapper

The stadium, the store, the park, the skyscrapper

We started to read the book.  I found it interesting how he would look at the first letter of several of the longer more unfamiliar words and predict what the word was instead of slowing down to sound it out.  I also noticed that he had to have something to help him track the particular word he was reading or he would get lost.

He became extremely excited when we got to the page with the stadium.  He REALLY wants to go to the stadium to play ball.  In fact, after we finished reading I had him type what he likes to do in the city.  Normally I have him write with a pencil, today I thought we would work on the keyboard.  He wanted to do it all by himself, and he was a quick study of my laptop.  I had to remind him to put spaces in (otherwise it would have all been one word), and when he was finished with a sentence we talked about punctuation, at which point he would search for the period.  I wanted him to write a couple of things, but can you tell he had enough.  I really love that he is letting us know when he has had enough.

I asked him if it would be okay to share his work.  He said a resounding “yes”.  My boy is such a sweetie!

I play in the city.

I play bol in the feld.

That ol.

By Chase