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A month ago (almost to the day) I started working on making Christmas gifts for my kids.  So far I have made pajamas for all three of them, a doll, a unicorn, a dress, and a baby bed.  It has taken me a month to get this accomplished.  I now have a second doll almost complete and a stuffed Pegasus (flutter-shy from My Little Pony to be exact).  It hit me that Christmas is only a month away and I am no where near done.  I then started to remember Christmas from my childhood.

Mom sewed beautifully and shared her talent with each of us.  Our barbies had glamorous clothes, our babies had soft blankets, and we had matching outfits. As I sewed tonight I just became awestruck.  My mother had six children in nine years.  SIX!!!!!  From the time my little sister was born in the early 80’s my mom was sewing matching outfits, dolls, dolls clothes, you name it.  How did she do it?

I called her tonight.  “Mom, , you must have started sewing for the next Christmas in January.”

“Nope, I always started in December.”  She laughed.

“What?  How did you do it? I mean, I’ve been sewing for a month now for three kids and am no where near what you did for six.  Did you get any sleep?”

Her secret, come to find out, was lying to us.  She told us that she was sewing for a lady at church who didn’t know how to sew.  She would stay up late at night and sew, just like I am now.  But, she said, “Gen, you gotta remember, by the time I started to sew for you kids I’d been doing it my entire life.  When you were kids sewing was second nature.  You just started!”

Thanks mom!  She is still a super star in my eyes,

My mommy when she only had four of us. She was probably pregnant with my brother in this picture! and two years after that my youngest sister was born.