I’ve never stopped and noticed how the weather plays a role in the health of me and my children.  This winter has opened my eyes to the havoc that barometric pressure plays on our bodies.  I absolutely love the chill in the air right before a snow fall.  The snow on the ground is a hindrance, but one that in small amounts I welcome.  This past week the warm up hit my family like a ton of bricks.  My kids started to cough, their noses began to run, and my youngest ended up with a fever that she refused to take medicine for.  For some reason if the medicine isn’t orange she won’t take it, and all we had was pink, which is hilarious since pink is her favorite color.  My will was stronger than hers, and with the assistance of my husband we coerced her into swallowing – it was for her own good!

Within days I woke up with the tall tale sign of a sinus infection.  My head ached, my face felt swollen, but at least I wasn’t coughing up a lung.  Until I woke up the next day, and by that night I struggled to breath.  My asthma doesn’t bother me very often, but when I am around cigarettes, stressed out, or have a cough it comes back to painfully remind me that I have it.

My house imploded, my kids ran wild, and well we made it from moment to moment. At one point I dozed on the couch.  I could hear the kids running from the living room to their bedroom, and even waking up their father (who works night shift and sleeps during the day), but I did nothing to curb their overactive little bodies.  I couldn’t.  I just didn’t have the energy, nor the drive.

I woke up and was met by this beautiful artwork.  Unfortunately it was on the walls and doors.  I wonder if Chase realizes that this type of artwork puts kiddos on Santa’s “Noty” list!

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