When Chase goes back to school after the Winter break we will be reconvening his IEP team to discuss next steps. I am definitely going to request that we work on incorporating a communication log – since this is something that I we have struggled with since Kindergarten. I am so grateful to Jess’s blog a diary of a mom and her daughter Brooke.

a diary of a mom

Temple’s journey is marked by shared concern and shared expertise. There was nothing more important than consistency between school and home.

– Eustacia Cutler, speaking about her daughter, Temple Grandin

From the moment that Brooke began receiving special education services at age three, we started a daily correspondence routine with her team. We have been in contact with the ever-changing team of people who support her every single day since.

From preschool until second grade, we relied entirely on the teachers, therapists and aides to tell us what had happened during the day. Heck, a three-ring circus might have performed at school on a given day, elephants and all, but if they didn’t tell us, we had no way to know.

We had templates made up for each day’s communication. There was one for the school staff to fill out to tell us about Brooke’s day and another for us…

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