Normally my children receive the advent of darkness with the same animation as I do on my way to the dentist.  Several years ago I discovered that creating  special routine for bedtime made things somewhat palatable for the kiddos.  After the kids finally have their pajamas on and their teeth brushed we begin snuggle time.  This is my favorite time of the day.  My first choice is to read a book, but sometimes I settle for a short cartoon, while we snuggle!

Today, life is a bit different.  It is Christmas Eve, and my children are behaving in childlike Christmas wonder.  They helped me make chocolate cookies filled with crushed peppermint for Santa Claus.  Emma helped me make the dough for our rolls and monkey bread (for Christmas morning), although she almost dumped in a bunch of pepper into the mix.  That wouldn’t have been good.

Every once in a while Chase will come and ask me for Turkey, and I have to tell him that it isn’t ready yet.  I made fried eggs for lunch, he told me he wasn’t hungry – he only wanted turkey.  I sighed and left the room, about a minute later he came back with an empty plate and asked for more.  I wasn’t surprised.  His favorite meal is eggs in one form or another!!!

I started clean up and Emma walks in the kitchen.  “Momma, Santa only comes when we go to bed right?”

 I smile at her, “Yup.”

“Is it dark yet?  ’cause we can’t go to bed unless it is dark outside.”

I giggle, pat her little cheeks and say “No, honey, it isn’t time for Santa to come yet.”

She walked out of the kitchen with a little less of a bounce.  I finish in the kitchen and walk into the other room.  My daughter is now in her nightgown, and she once again asks, “Is it dark yet?”  I think someone REALLY wants Santa to get here.