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Wednesday evening, right about the time we normally eat dinner, I  will be putting Chase and Emma in car seats on our way to drive to the airport. We are flying halfway across the United States to Seattle to visit family.

Last time I attempted this was 4 years ago.Emma traveled on my chest in a baby carrier, Chase rode in our stroller with diaper bags and my purse. Back then it didn’t cost extra money to check in a suitcase. The kids did extremely well and I got many compliments on their good behavior.

This time they are older, much more mobile and extremely vocal about everything and anything. In fact Chase’s normal taking voice is everyone else’s outside voice. As he has grown so has his sensory issues. I will have his weighed blanket on hand as well as gum, his stretchy band, paper and pens so he can write, as well as the Android tablet. No one would survive without minecraft.

I need to find a social story for the plane, and do lots of predicting with him. For myself I need to remember that he will do just fine and I need to not be so stressed out about it.

I would love any suggestions to help prepare us for our adventure. What have you found that has been helpful to prepare your child for a plane ride?What can mom do to stay calm cool and collected?