It has been record breaking cold where we live.   Last winter was rather mild, this winter is making up for it.   What happened to global warming?

This morning when Scott got up to go to his wood working class for work we decided to go with him.  I was worried about timing,  because it would be cutting things close to getting to the airport.   We chose correctly because right as we were ready to walk out the door we lost power in our town.  I really didn’t want to stay in a cold dark house as it dropped to under 40 degrees like it did inside the house the day before when we lost power.   Thank goodness for lots of blankets and kerosene heaters!

After I dropped off my husband we headed to Walmart to kill time in the toy aisles.   That worked for about am hour.  We ended up going back to the hotel lobby and I plugged my kids into their tablets.   Chase is happily creating a fire truck on minecraft and Emma is painting colorful ponies with the most annoying music in the world.   But they are not playing tag in the lobby anymore.   And although I have to remind Chase every few minutes to lower his voice I’ll take it.

At noon Scott will take us to the airport.   We will wait six hours to get on the plane for our five hour flight to Seattle.   I will probably run stark raving mad off of the plane, but it will be better than the anxiety I would have rushinng through security with a four year old who believes she is a ballerina dancer and a seven year old hopped up on adrenaline, excitement and unstructured time.