I can’t contain my emotions I feel as I read this post. I think about my own son and how far he has come in four years. I am so grateful for the reminder to believe in the Super powers that my Chase believes he has.

a diary of a mom


{image is a photo of Roxy, Katie, Brooke and Ms M on our lawn, 2009}

When I first started writing, I was amazed to find that there were other people out there in the ether who .. well, let’s just start there. I was amazed to find that there was anyone out there.

Among the blogs that I first I read were those of parents (all moms back then) whose kids were further down the road. And I watched them. Carefully.

In some cases, what I saw amounted to a how-not-to manual. The ones who shamed their kids for their differences, who made themselves pitiful protagonists in what should have been their children’s stories, and above all, the ones whose anger and resentment bled onto the screen, leaving a toxic stain on every word they wrote. I quickly discovered that those types of blogs just weren’t my cup of tea. Or…

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