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Chase woke up bouncing off the walls today.  He jumped into bed, crashing into my ribs and wiggled into the middle of our bed, finding the perfect spot between daddy and mommy.  He saw Sparta the cat and pushed her off the bed.  She and Chase have an interesting relationship.  She only comes near him when he is asleep, and he pushes her whenever he wants her spot on my lap – which is all the time.

It felt like pulling teeth to get him ready for school.  Wait, that is a really bad analogy – considering after he lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy came he wiggled five more teeth out of his cute little head.  Anyway, back to this morning.  I don’t quite remember how I got him dressed, maybe a combination of helping his teeth stop chattering (somehow our house got down to 49 degrees this morning) or the bribe for being able to swing in the resource room when he got to school.  I’m leaning towards both!

I let Mrs. M know that he needed to swing and have some heavy work.  She laughed and said “Is he wound up this morning?”  At which point he began jumping up and down, “I wan to go to breakfast!”  “OOOOKKKKAAY, swing, after breakfast, how about that?”

“Yes, yes, yes.  Bye mom.”  He jumped a couple more times and somehow gave me a quick peck on the lips.

Eight hours later he saw me and hugged me tight.  Mrs. M. gave him a complete thumbs up, all smiles today.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to swing.  When they were headed to the resource room next door (his school has three) they saw smoke coming out of the heater.  My eyes got wide and I asked, “Um, how did that go?”  Since Grandma Larkann’s house burnt down last summer any hint of fire kind of freaks him out.  Apparently he focused on “keeping safe”  instead of wanting to swing.  Thank goodness he has a hammock at home that he can swing in.

I guess he didn’t have all the wiggles out of him because Chase continued being rambunctious and acting like the “Wicked King” from “Doc Mcstuffins”.  His idea of being the Wicked King is swinging out at his dad.  Daddy said, bring it on.  He would block Chase, pick him up, swing him around, and place him back on the ground.  I’m sitting here thinking -probably not the best way to calm him down.

“I’m a good wicked king!”  He calls out.

Scott looks at me and responds, “He obviously doesn’t understand wicked.  On a side note, I want him to learn defensive moves , because as he grows up he will be a target.  I want him to learn how to block, not how to attack, since he is already so aggressive.” This is word for word, I wrote it down as he told me.  True story.

Great, not sure that is a great idea, but I understand the thought behind it.  Chase is very much like his Daddy, and Scott experienced severe bullying as a child.  It only stopped when he learned how to block and defend himself.

I’m not sure how I feel about Chase learning defensive moves, but surprisingly Chase is now sitting on my lap asking to go to bed.

I guess my husband is right when he told me, “Sometimes you just have to let them get it out of their system.”

Bring It!