Several months ago I took a test which allowed me to add a Special Education endorsement on my teaching certificate. Special Education has come a long way from the 70’s, but as in all things there is room for change and growth. I like the theory that drove “No Child Left Behind”, each day my son goes to school I am grateful that he has the option to be in the least restrictive environment, however I fundamentally disagree that every child should be given the same exact curriculum, the same assessments, the same goals. Each child is different. When will the powers that be get it????????

The Indignant Teacher

Thank you, Valerie Strauss, for this one…utterly horrifying as it may be…

Parent of dying boy has to prove her son can’t take standardized test

Andrea Rediske’s 11-year-old son Ethan, is dying. Last year, Ethan, who was born with brain damage, has cerebral palsy and is blind, was forced to take a version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test over the space of two weeks last year because the state of Florida required that every student take one. Now his mom has to prove that Ethan, now in a morphine coma, is in no condition to take another test this year.

Ethan wasn’t the only brain-damaged child in Florida to be forced to take a standardized test; I have written in the past about Michael, another Florida boy who was born with only a brain stem — not a brain — and…

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