I loved reading this today!!!! It was rather apropos, since today I asked my son if I could clip his fingernails. It was the first time in three years, I let him start chewing them off because he would scream and it took my husband and I to hold him down. We hated it. I was amazed that he did allowed me to do it. Granted I also told him that if it hurt he could hurt me (Probably shouldn’t have promised him that) and the first couple of clips he punched me. At first I told him, “That doesn’t hurt”, but how can I know that. I don’t have the same issues as he does. But, he let me finish. What a huge difference from years ago.

Finding Cooper's Voice

0f8fd8afc043de59e2d20b512ec406d9 Cooper’s sensory issues really intimidate me. I think because they don’t make sense to me. I can’t seem to get a grasp on it either. And, they are pretty much invisible. He is an angel for teeth brushing, getting dressed, etc. The kid just can’t sit still. He can’t shut it off. I’m really thinking Occupational Therapy is going to help. I’ve read raving reviews from other parent’s and am SO hopeful.

Looking back at this journey I have to chuckle at all the different stages that were hard at first and now are so easy.

When Cooper was 15 months or so we had him evaluated by the school district to see if he qualified for services. At that time he didn’t have any words. I remember the advice they gave us was to make him ask for things. Don’t just automatically give him his milk or his snack. Wait until…

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