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Chase needed new shoes.  Not just any shoe would do, for several reasons.

  1. He needs shoes that are high tops for better support.  When he walks he tends to be a bit wobbly, kind of reminds me of a toddler’s walk.
  2. Chase is a creature of habit.  I don’t know how often we have bought the same type of shoes.

We headed to Shoe Carnival and I flinched when I realized that basketball season ended and only a handful of high tops graced the shelves. To top it off, only one style had his size.  He didn’t like the style.  He wanted converses, and they didn’t have his size.  Scott and I tried a different tack.  I bought a much needed pair of shoes for my new job, Scott is hard on shoes and needs a new pair about every three months, and I found Emma her first pair of heels.  Everyone had a pair, except Chase.  Onto the plan.

“Mommy, Daddy and Emma have new shoes.  Do you want to try on these shoes?”  I already had them off the shelf and away from the Converses.  He went for it!!!  He doesn’t know how to tie his shoes, his fine motor skills are not quite there yet.  We bought him a pair of no tie shoelaces in bright neon green.  He was in seventh heaven.

This morning Chase put on his new shoes.

“Daddy, my shoes are going to hurt my owie.  They are too tight”  He hadn’t even put them on the entire way.

“Chase, If they are still too tight when we get to the car I will retie them.  They are new.  They will adjust.”

After school Chase excitedly met his father at parent pickup.  “Daddy, you were right, they adjusted.  But, we have to take my new shoes back.  They made me run too fast, and jump too high.”