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If you  have a child with a sensory processing disorder, no doubt you have heard of using a “sensory diet” to help with regulating behaviors and responses during daily activities.  The term gets thrown around a lot in SPD circles and many parents are hopeful that the right sensory diet will change everything.  Using an appropriate array of sensory strategies can indeed be very helpful for anyone who struggles with regulating their arousal level during activities (too active or too under-responsive).  The trick, when the person has difficulty processing sensory information, is to establish the correct “diet” and then apply it efficiently to get the most benefit or nutrition, if you will, out of the sensory diet.

“Sensory Diet” is a term that was coined by OT Patricia Wilbarger (creator of the Therapressure technique, aka “Brushing”) to refer to the therapeutic intervention of using specific sensory activities throughout the…

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