This afternoon I drove home with my two kiddos in the back of our Chevy HHR, hoping and praying we would all get home in one piece.  Emma didn’t have a nap at daycare today, and daddy forgot to give Chase his after school dosage of medicine.  Both scenarios create whiny, weepy, grumpy children – and well okay, Momma too!!!!

Emma sobbed each time Chase tried to communicate with her.  Granted, each of his attempts happened to be in her personal space and solely focused on Minecraft Youtube videos – trains to be specific.  Emma, well she wanted no one to talk to her, and to be completely alone – in the car, driving 45 miles an hour down the highway, 20 minutes away from home.  Sigh!!!!

“Chase, when we get home what do you want for dinner.”  Sometimes I am able to redirect emotions by changing focus.

“Cereal.”  He quickly replies, no thinking required.

“Cereal with milk?”  I ask.

“No, cereal with marshmallows.”  He answers matter of fact.

“Emma, what about you.”  I look at my daughter through my rear view mirror.  Tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I want cereal with marshmallow AND milk.” Said in between hiccups.

“Okay, Emma.  I know what Chase wants to watch when we get home.  What about you?”

“Um, My Little Pony.”  I can hear her start to calm down and I start to breath easier.  Nothing is more grating on my nerves then a screaming child while driving.

“No, we are watching Minecraft. Everyone in the world is going to watch Minecraft, with trains.”


“Yes.  Minecraft.”


“Yes.”  He leans in closer to her, raising his voice and begins to cry himself.

“Nooooooo.  I want to be alone.”

So do I kiddo.  So do I.