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We are in our basement.  Tornado sirens going off.  The sky looks magnificent, clear with the last remnants of daylight streaming down to the right (east) and angry black clouds rolling purposefully from the west.  Lightening and thunder from both directions and a chill rising from the ground.  The hail started in earnest.  Daddy did a great job explaining the creation of hail to our kiddos. 
At one point Chase went into fetal position and I asked him if he wanted me to hold him.  He crawled into my lap and we rocked while he plugged his ears.  He didn’t tell how he felt but I felt the tremors course through his body.  Emma played minecraft, normally Chase’s domain.  “Mommy and Daddy will keep us safe.  But, I don’t like thunder, hail, tornadoes and zombies.”

Me neither kiddo, especially the zombies!