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I love how eloquently this post describes my own fears and frustrations concerning common core. My son is in first grade, and is well behind his fellow classmates in regards to reading and math. In January we moved him from the mainstream classroom. He is thriving in a self contained classroom, but is far from where he needs to be in regards to common core – yet eventually he will be required to take these assessments.

I find it wrong on an elemental basis that schools are dinged because of low scores, not all of our children are good test takers.  I wasn’t.  Why are we allowing our children to feel the humiliation and anxiety of learning. Reading used to be something that my son adored to do with me. Now if I pick up a book he runs into the other room screaming. Math, he totally thinks outside the box and is a spatial learner. I don’t think common core is fair. I don’t think expecting 100% of our students to meet the same test takers from countries that weed out their students like they do a garden is fair.

Education is not one size fits all. I wish our educators, administrators, and policy makers would stand up and do the right thing for all of our children.

Parenting a Teenage Tornado

My son, CJ, is failing math. This month he has to take the GA state CRCT (criterion referenced competency test) and I was told that if he does not get a passing grade in math, he will not make it through to high school.  This has me worried for many reasons.  I don’t think holding him back is going to help him perform better next year…..in fact, I think he will end up being bored with learning all of the same things over again and be even more of a challenge in the classroom than he already is. My other concern is that, if he is held back, that has him turning 18 in the end of his junior year……and it will be out of my control to keep him in school if he decides to drop out. You see, there are days when he is determined to graduate.  There are even…

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