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I read part of a book about 12 years ago called When Your Body Gets the Blues. The only thing I remember is that it recommended a mixture of certain vitamins such as Vitamin D, B1, B2, B6, Folic Acid, and selenium. If you are interested in the exact dosages you can go here. Anyway, what really stuck out at me was the idea of light therapy.  One thing I remember the most happened to be the idea of spending twenty minutes a day outside, when the sun is up.  Even when the sun is clouded over, walk outside.  Even in he rain and snow!

Well, I’m not quite sure if I am a true believer, since I haven’ done the vitamin regimen for over 12 years, bu today I spent 3 hours at a garden owned by a wonderful family at our church.  Grandpa, or papa D (which everyone calls him) teaches us how to garden.  Today I have eaten weeds such as lambsquarter – part of the spinach family, has an arrows head, Oxalis – which is nice and tart, and wild Camille.  I weeded on my hands and knees for a while, and used a hoe when my body couldn’t continue.  I really need to lose 150 pounds.  I got to smell fresh dill, oregano, and thyme.  I observed rows upon rows of strawberries turning pink.  I learned how to find spittle beatles, they are fascinating).  I picked asparagus – we have two more weeks before we let it fern up, spinach and lettuce -the end of he season is here, now I have to wait until the fall for fresh salad greens, sigh, cilantro that voluntarily grew from last year, and chives.  Did you know that you can put the beautiful purple flowers in your sauces for a mild chive taste?  I now have the makings for my Teriyaki Pork, salsa, spinach and fruit smoothies – just need to freeze it and wait for those yummy strawberries, and salads.

Mia at the FarmHOWEVER, the yummy veggies that I left with wasn’t the best part.  It was the sunshine.  For the first time in a couple of weeks I didn’t want to hybernate.  I spent time with other moms, Papa D, and a bunch of kids running free on acres of land.  My daughter  go to play something other then minecraft.

I think I will be finding my copy of When The Body Gets The Blues.  There may be something to it!!!!