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I would like to have a do over day.  this morning I slept in late, went to get the children’s clothes out of the dryer and realized that they were still wet.  Great school today?  Chase wore pajama pants that were too short for him and a t-shirt that was too big for him.  Emma complained that I didn’t have a long sleeve shirt for her to wear to school in 90 degree weather.  Got out to the van and couldn’t find my keys, ended up the walking 2 miles to school?  we arrived at school 5 minutes after the bell rang and they were closing down breakfast.  Not a problem for Chase, he never likes breakfast, but Emma had a meltdown.  Thankfully they let her take some chocolate milk and a muffin to her classroom. 

Dee and I walk the 2 miles back home, and of course Zoe, our new puppy needed to go for a walk when we got home.  By this point I had a migraine, especially since I’m trying to get used to new glasses with a prism for the first time.  I love being cross eyed.  I take a nap and wake up to the smell of the oven burning.  Dee is making tacos for quesadillas for lunch.  My 11 year old son surprise me it was probably the best quesadillas have ever had in my entire life. 

Scott arrived home just in time to go pick up the kids but me and the puppy came with him so that we could go for another walk.  Scott dropped me off at the park with Dee, Emma and the puppy.  Chase wanted to go  home to play minecraft.  Of soon as scott drives away with the van the heavens open wide and rain pours down on the four of us.  the puppy was in 7th heaven, me not so much. 

It is now almost 11 o’clock at night and I am on my way home with melatonin to help my 4 year old fall asleep.  Right now what I would do for Suco de Maracuja.