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The other night I had the kiddos out in the back with me playing on the swing set.  Yes, we have one of those and I practically have o beg them to play on it.  Usually I have to bribe them with water.  My kids love to make their slide into a water slide.  Chase then hunts for a huge bucket and wants it filled up like a pool.  He’s kinda getting too big this year.  He was a bit disappointed when he couldn’t stretch out and splash like he did last summer.

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While they played in the water I was able to work in my garden area.  I’m excited, my tomatoes are growing like gang busters.  My herbs are doing well and I hope to have some carrots come up soon (although only two seeds out of an entire envelope is growing).  Anyways.  I’m working hard in the garden and I hear Chase and Emma fighting.  Intervention became necessary before it became physical.  After I told him that he needed to play nicely with Emma he responded ever so seriously:  “I don’t want to play with Emma I want to fight with Emma.” At least he’s honest!

Okay, fast-forward a few more days and I go pick up the kids from summer school.  Emma meets me with an ever so serious expression.  “Momma, don’t look in my book bag.”  I look at her quizically.  “Why not?”  She anxiously responds with a deep sigh, “I don’t want you to see the note with the yellow face on it.”  Yellow means ‘think about it’.  I asked her why she got a yellow.  “I don’t want to tell you, Momma!”  At which point the teacher comes by and whispers, “She kept pushing other students.”  Great!!!!  I have a budding bully on my hands.  At least she’s honest!

In the car we talk about Emma’s behavior.  Chase pops up, “Uh-oh, I taught her how to push, right mom.  I need to try again.”  I love my children.  In his serious and awesome way he realized that not only did Emma need o work on her social skills, but he needed to work on proper behavior as well.  I love how honestly speaking my children are!