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Thanks to our very first donation we were able to get Zoe his first set of vaccinations this past weekend.  We went to Petsmart, because they have a puppy package reasonably priced that covers vaccinations, neutere, and wellness checks.  I wasn’t happy about how they didn’t inform me about the additional “membership fee” but sometimes we just have to swallow the small inconvenience s in life. 

There were a couple of yellow Labradors a week older than Zoe, and much smaller.  People kept mentioning how big he was going to get.  One man even said “He’s gonna eat you out of house and home.” At which point my very literal son kind of got upset.  The poor man was beside himself trying to explain that Zoe wasn’t going to eat our home, just eat alot.  I’m not sure Chase understood, but he finally calmed down. 
Today after I dropped kiddos off at summer school I took Zoe to the Dog Park.  He found a shady spot and hung out.  There was a nice breeze, and I enjoyed getting out of the house. 


Now onto the joys of house cleaning!