I an learning that as I am better at managing my anxiety I’m much better equipped to handle Chase. Perfect point, today was Costco day. I knew that the crowds not only set off my overly sensory sensitive kiddo, but really sets of my anxiety attacks. Today armed with anxiety medicine just in case, and a plan we marched into Costco. I practiced deep breathing and let Chase be himself. It amazed me how my calmness reached out to my son. He often grabbed my hand. He usually takes his father’s hand instead. It was a learning experience,and one that I’m grateful for.

S.M.A.R.T. Living

IMAG0373_1The other day we had errands to run.  The hubby and I packed our two youngest in the car (our oldest lives most of the time at his mother’s house) and headed out to the store to purchase the ingredients for our Thanksgiving Feast (as *Emma calls it).  *Chase managed marvelously in the store.  We put him in charge of pushing the kid sized cart.  Emma also had one. I found it humorous how my husband and I kept the two of them from crashing into each other.  We headed out to grab a bite to eat before heading
out to Joann’s for their before Thanksgiving sale.  We ended up going to a place that is not normally on our repertoire of fast food joints.  Chase and my hubby tend to have a short list they prefer.  We entered the restaurant and Chase informed us rather loudly that he wanted…

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