Chasing Zoe – Service Dog in Training

From the moment Chase* entered this world he has led us on the most magnificent journey of our lives.  He loves to draw trains, play minecraft, and snuggle under heavy quilts.  His smile brightens a room, and watching him figure out the world in his own unique way is fascinating.  In 2010, after 3 years of trying to figure out why he experienced such huge developmental delays the doctors diagnosed Chase with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  He also struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Since his digagnosis Chase participates in Occupational Therapy help facilitate the activities of,  rest and sleep, education, work, play, leisure, and social participation.  He receives Speech Therapy to work on his social pragmatic language skills.  After a difficult transition into mainstream education it was decided to keep him in a self contained classroom, however he attends Art, recess, and some class time (about 15 minutes) with his typical peers to work on social and behavioral skills.  He has an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist that works with him, as well as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. He has an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist that works with him, as well as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.  He sees a gastrointestinal doctor for GERD, and a Psychiatrist to help balance out the anxiety, irritability, and aggression that challenge him on a daily basis.

Each therapist and doctor (well, except for the GI doctor) has recommended a service/therapy/companion dog as another source of therapy.  Service dogs can aide with bolting, wandering, anxiety, meltdowns, agitation, sensory overloads, sleep issues, love, warmth, security and a bunch of other cool stuff.  Autism Service Dogs require extensive training and is an expensive endeavor.

Instead of being placed on a 2 year waiting list and raising $30,000 dollars to obtain a Service Dog we decided to adopt a black Labrador retriever puppy named Zoe.  In the next year he will need to receive vaccinations, extensive positive behavioral training and classes to help prepare him to take the AKC Good Citizen Test in preparation for Therapy Dog training.

Therapy Bills add up quickly and donations have now funded his first round of vaccinations.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to spread the word. Every little (and not so little) donation helps.  Your generosity is appreciated, and used wisely for continued vaccinations, the occasional veterinary visit, positive obedience training, AKC Good Citizen Program training, Therapy Dog training, and travel expenses for training.

As a thank you, we will personally reach out to you via email or personal mail (if we have your address) to show our appreciation. You can follow our families journey at CHASING ZOE – SERVICE DOG IN TRAINING FUND


2 thoughts on “Chasing Zoe – Service Dog in Training”

  1. It’s very good to read this useful post on dog training.

    I have a concern however. How do you train an older dog?

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