I Can Read in Pickle Color Too.

Growing up I found myself struggling to read.  I tested with a low IQ, and the teachers suggested that my mom place me in a special home for the mentally retarded.  She was pretty appalled, and basically told them to teach me.  Thankfully my father received orders to move and my mom got me placed in a good school district with a wonderful resource teacher.  It took until fifth grade (and three more moves) before the light-bulb went  on in my head.  It happened the summer we drove from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to visit my Grandparents in Washington D.C.  My Grandparents gave my mother a box of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy Mystery books.  I was bored on the ride home (surprising since I am the oldest of six children) and I decided to dive into the box of books.  I wish I remember the title of that particular book, it changed my life forever.  I finished the book on that thirteen hour drive and soon started the next one.  That following Christmas my mom bought me a box of Trixie Belden books.    All of these books were destroyed in a fire back in 1998 and I still feel their loss.  They were old friends, I guess I need to start finding them again so that I can read them to my kiddos!!  Now i have the opportunity to help my children gain a love of books, and reading.  If I can help other parents or educators with my journey than that is a huge bonus!

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