Our Family’s Journey

I have been wanting to create calm out of chaos as far back as my memory can reach.  I am the oldest of six kids and we moved ALOT growing up.  Now that I am married and have three children that chaos continues.  One of my favorite scriptures in the New Testament deals how Jesus Christ calmed the raging sea.  As I watch my family struggle on a daily basis with our own individual needs I am comforted to know that the tempest of our daily lives can be transformed with the hushed words “Peace, be still” Mark 4: 39.

Here I will write my my plan, how I meet my goals, and the not so shining moments as we attempt to create routine and organization

  1. Learn the triggers and behavior patterns – Using a variety of observations, journaling, and analyzing the ABC’s of those behaviors.
  2. What are my families sensory challenges and needs (lets face it, Chase isn’t the only one that has sensory needs in our familiy)
  3. Tap into our individual learning styles
  4. What triggers our undesirable behaviors (Um, I have some heavy hitting ones that sometimes leads me into what my step son has dubbed “the hulk”)
  5. What calms us down?
  6. What are our family goals in regards to dealing with our sensory needs?
  7. Organizing Bedrooms (we have three)
  8. Organizational systems for work, play, and the much needed CHILL OUT ZONES (and each of us needs to have them)
  9. Building Structure and Routine.
  10. Dealing with our lack of executive function and time management.
  11. Creating a tool bag for behavior escalations.
  12. Dealing with change in routine.
  13. Surviving holidays and dealing with the inevitable chaos.
  14. Creating positive reinforcement that works
  15. Learn to live on the seat of our pants
  16. Creating a Sensory Diet that is flexible and ever evolving.

3 thoughts on “Our Family’s Journey”

  1. findingcoopersvoice said:

    Hey lady, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for writing. http://findingcoopersvoice.wordpress.com/?p=500&preview=true

  2. Genevieve, just want to thank you for your blog and for nominating me for a award, which I’m putting up on my blog tonight 🙂 http://familyanswersfast.wordpress.com/thank-you-%E2%9D%A4/ Have a great rest of the week!

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